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Ridley / Forza

Author: Bruno De Naeyer, R&D Engineer

Ridley is a Belgian bicycle frame manufacturer which is constantly looking for the next big thing in the bicycle industry. Together with our component brand Forza we seek to offer our customers the one bike they have always been looking for.

Ridley and Forza now cooperate with BikeLabs for over one year. In our search for a partner to help improve the quality control of some of their products, we got introduced to BikeLabs Intl. by Flanders’ Bike Valley of which they are a fellow member of. We were dedicated looking for nothing less than a partner that takes pride in achieving fast and correct results.

We found in BikeLabs a partner who can operate at the forefront of development, where standard testing doesn’t always provide the right solution and where our requests have to be questioned and challenged.

An issue that we had to challenge was the repeating failure of one of their rims during testing. Even though the rims were fully EN and ISO approved we kept finding the same issues repeatedly. After experimenting a little while ourselves we decided we needed our own custom test setup. We managed to claim some of the wheels to our supplier and we’ve rebuilt all other wheels with a different nipple-washer configuration which solved the problem.

With the custom test setup that was built by BikeLabs Intl., we discovered the issue and they instantly also provided a solution.

The fast service and flexibility offered by BikeLabs Intl. are unique and key in the fast moving and ever changing bicycle industry.
BikeLabs not only did what we requested but where possible they improved on our proposal.


Author: Thomas Leclere, Business Manager

I am the Business Manager of the company ECCE Cycles, in charge of the good development of the company.
ECCE Cycles designs and sells luxury bicycles in carbon or in wood from the creativity of the designer and architect Pierre Lallemand. Our creations are very original and exclusives due to the design of our frames. In my daily job I deal with the marketing and communication of the company, but I also focus on the commercial side and the R&D.

I discovered the company BikeLab Intl. through the advices of my supplier Ridley bikes with who I am working on the conception of my carbon bikes. We decided to collaborate with BikeLabs Intl. for the testing and homologation of our 100% wood bicycles.

The brand references working with BikeLab Intl., the fair price, and the curiosity of people working there convinced us to use their services.

At ECCE Cycles we appreciated the human aspect, the open discussions we had on our product development, and on the possibilities of improvement of our frames structure. More than the tests results were very detailed with pictures, video and a big report. BikeLabs Intl. provided us with advices necessary to understand better what has to be improved on our product structure.

I liked the visit of the laboratory because it helped me understand the way they make tests.

All explanations about the tests on our product, the complete resume and feedback were very important, because it has been used to re-work with our suppliers on the improvement of our wooden frames.