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BLOG July 2020- The Measurement Bicycle Concept

In this blog, we give our thoughts on how sensors on the bike give insight about the type of road you're cycling at, the stress and forces on the bike when crossing pits, etc. and how this data is finally usefull for bicycle test centres, bike sharing platforms, design offices, etc.

Download the blog in pdf format through this link.


WEBINAR 29 June 2020 at 2 pm CEST- The Bikelabs Measurement Bicycle

In a 45 minutes webinar, with combined Q&A, we will expose a demonstrator case on how data acquisition and extraction from in-field testing can be linked to application of representative forces. It is the first webinar in a series of several that will follow, in which each time a different application or an in-depth test case will be handled.

This webinar is free of charge and is suitable for anyone with or without prior knowledge on bicycle testing. The topic is relevant for people in the following domains: e-bikes, cargo bicycles, share bicycle platforms, regular bicycles, etc.

The following items will be highlighted:

  • use of in-field data
  • measurement bicycle concept
  • real world example: bicycle instrumentation - field test - data analysis

Register for this webinar or send an email to You will then receive an invitation link for the webinar.

Additional background about the topic is found in the following document: Bikelabs Webinar june 2020 - Measurement bike concept