About the company


We don't sell tests, but provide solutions

Our test solution and data analysis is always optimized for the needs and requirements of your product. With minimal adjustments to the test configuration it's often possible to provide more relevant data for your application.

Inspired by automotive, aero and wind power industry

As a spin-off company of Ghent university, we set ourselves high standards, as we learned from testing for automotive, aero and wind power industry. We make no compromises when designing test benches or analyzing the results. We stand for high precision or consistency and higher accuracy.


As a spin-off company, we breathe innovation, high quality and continuous improvement. This has resulted in out-of-the-box test configurations and measuring methods. Discover how your application benefits from this.

Your data is safe with us.

To protect the independent character of the company, we never share your data with any other player in the field.

About the founder


The BikeLabs International company was founded in 2015 by Joachim Vanwalleghem. He received in 2015 a PhD from Ghent University in Electromechanical Engineering, on the subject "Development of an Experimental Test Platform For the Static and Dynamic Evaluation of Racing Bicycle Components and for Measuring the Dynamic Bicycle-Cyclist Interaction". With this PhD, he gained expertise in mechanical testing, vibration testing, sensor instrumentation, test rig design and field testing. At BikeLabs International, he is responsible for the technical management and customer relations.